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Transform your online presence with Nexinity's custom web solutions. From responsive website design to advanced e-commerce platforms, we create digital experiences that captivate and engage your audience, driving growth and enhancing visibility in the competitive digital marketplace.

Why Choose Nexinity Web Solutions?


Create a unique online presence with fully customizable websites that cater specifically to your brand and business needs. Stand out in your market with designs that capture your brand's essence and user experiences crafted to boost engagement.


Enhance user experience with responsive web design that ensures your site looks great and functions flawlessly on all devices, from desktops to smartphones. Improve your SEO and retain more visitors with faster, more responsive sites.


Future-proof your digital presence with scalable web solutions that grow with your business. From increasing your website’s capacity to expanding its functionality, our solutions adapt to your evolving business needs.

Bespoke Web Development

At Nexinity, every website is crafted from the ground up. We use no templates and no UX kits. This bespoke approach to web development ensures that your website is not only unique but also perfectly aligned with your business objectives. Here are the benefits of choosing custom development:

  • Tailored Solutions: Every aspect of your site is tailored to meet your specific business needs and user expectations, enhancing the effectiveness of your online strategy.
  • Enhanced SEO: Custom sites are optimized for search engines from the start, helping to improve your rankings and increase visibility.
  • Greater Flexibility: Changes and updates can be made more swiftly and effectively, without the constraints of pre-designed templates.
  • Exclusive Design: Stand out from the competition with a design that is uniquely yours, reflecting your brand's personality and ethos.
  • Optimized Performance: Custom sites often load faster and operate more smoothly as they are not bloated with unnecessary features or code.

Our Web Development Plans


Basic Website Package

Up to 5 pages

Responsive Design

Basic SEO


Professional Site

Up to 15 pages

Advanced SEO

Custom functionalities


Advanced Business Solutions

Unlimited pages

High-End SEO

Custom functionalities


Tailored Solutions

Custom number of pages

Fully tailored SEO

Specific features per request

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Hosting and Maintenance Options

Our hosting services are provided through Afrihost, passed on to you at cost, or choose your preferred provider for tailor-made solutions. All plans include security monitoring and weekly updates, with variations in content management, database maintenance, and SEO enhancements.

Basic Maintenance

Ideal for small websites

  • No content updates
  • Monthly SEO health checks
  • Database maintenance as needed
  • Email support

Standard Maintenance

Perfect for growing businesses

  • 2 hours per month of content updates and site enhancements
  • Monthly SEO optimization
  • Regular database optimization
  • Priority email support

Advanced Maintenance

Designed for complex sites

  • 4 hours per month of content management, updates, and customization
  • Monthly SEO reviews and adjustments
  • Comprehensive database management
  • Priority phone and email support

Premium Maintenance

For high-demand sites requiring continuous updates

  • 6 hours per month of content management, updates, and customization
  • Additional hours at a discounted hourly rate

  • Monthly SEO optimizations
  • Advanced database management and support
  • Priority phone and email support

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